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Brass Monkey Promo Code
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Grab this special offer and nab original ice baths & plunges range starting from £7,495 placed at brass monkey by using this amazing discount offer above
Updated : 26 Sep 2022
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Brass Monkey Promo Code
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Nab this amazing offer and get premium ice baths & plunges range starting from £10,995 placed at brass monkey by using this amazing discount offer above
Updated : 26 Sep 2022
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Brass Monkey Promo Code
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Hurry up! Don't miss this chance and get Brass Monkey extends the 5 year Limited Warranty, which applies only to non-commercial, residential use of the Brass Monkey Ice Baths and Plunges by using this amazing offer above
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Brass Monkey Promo Code
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Use this super offer and avail a chance for return & Refund within 30 days of your purchase placed at brass monkey by using this amazing discount offer above
Updated : 26 Sep 2022
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26 Sep 2022 Original Ice Baths & Plunges Range Starting From £7,495 No Code
26 Sep 2022 Premium Ice Baths & Plunges Range Starting From £10,995 No Code
26 Sep 2022 5 Years Limited Warranty Ice Baths and Plunges No Code
26 Sep 2022 Returns & Refunds Within 30 Days Of Your Purchase No Code

More About Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey has a fascinating history rooted in the founder's personal experience and a mission to provide a safe and accessible ice bath solution. The company was born out of the founder's transformative journey of creating an ice bath from a chest freezer. Recognizing the potential benefits of cold therapy, Brass Monkey was founded to offer innovative and reliable ice baths that deliver remarkable results.

Brass Monkey aims to bring the benefits of cold therapy to a wider audience by providing a solution for those who may not have access to natural bodies of cold water. They saw an opportunity to create ice baths that not only function effectively but also look appealing, addressing the shortcomings of existing products in the market.

In addition, Brass Monkey offers a comprehensive guide page to educate and assist customers. This resource provides valuable insights, tips, and instructions related to cold therapy, ice bath usage, and overall wellness practices. By offering this guide, Brass Monkey empowers individuals to make the most of their ice bath experience while prioritising their well-being.

So whether you're looking for Brass Monkey discount codes to get ice baths, or you're looking for Brass Monkey free delivery codes to cut that extra overhead, Findbestvouchers is the best place to shop more and pay less. Just copy the codes and paste them at the checkout page to avail the discounts.

FAQs – Brass Monkey

Some commonly asked questions by customers like you:

What is Brass Monkey’s return policy?

Brass Monkey has a customer-friendly return policy that allows returns within 30 days of purchase. To initiate a return, customers should contact Brass Monkey and ensure that the items are in new condition. UK customers benefit from free return shipping, while international customers are responsible for covering shipping costs and any applicable customs taxes or duties. Inspections are conducted on returned units, and refunds may take 7-14 days to be reflected in bank statements. Read it here.

What are the best Brass Monkey vouchers?

Brass Monkey offers several vouchers to its customers. You can purchase the original ice baths & plunges range for £7,495. Plus, the premium ice baths & plunges range starts from £10,995.

Note: Some of the vouchers mentioned above may have expired or are no longer available, so it’s always best to check the official website or visit the Findbestvouchers for current offers.

How to apply voucher codes at Brass Monkey?

To apply voucher codes at Brass Monkey, follow these steps:

  • Start by selecting the desired products or services from Brass Monkey's website.
  • Add the selected items to your shopping cart.
  • Click on the shopping cart icon located in the top right corner of the screen to review your order.
  • Review your order and click the checkout button to proceed to the checkout page.
  • Look for the Discount code field or box to enter the voucher code.
  • Carefully enter the voucher code exactly as provided, ensuring there are no spaces or errors.
  • Click on the "Apply" or "Submit" button to apply the voucher code to your order.
  • The discount or promotional offer associated with the voucher code will be applied to your total.
  • Review the final order summary to ensure that the voucher code has been successfully applied and that the discounted amount is reflected.
  • Complete the checkout process by providing the necessary payment and shipping information.

Note that some voucher codes may have certain terms and conditions attached to them, such as a minimum spend requirement or restrictions on certain products. So, be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before applying your voucher code to ensure that it is eligible for use with your purchase.

What are the best Brass Monkey sales seasons?

While specific sales seasons may vary, Brass Monkey typically offers attractive deals and promotions during the following periods:

  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday: This popular shopping event, which falls in late November, is known for significant discounts and special offers across various retailers, including Brass Monkey. It's an excellent time to find great deals on ice baths, plunges, and related products.
  • New Year/New Year's Sale: The start of the new year often brings sales and promotions as retailers look to kick off the year with enticing offers. Brass Monkey may offer discounts or special bundles during this time to help customers start their wellness journey.
  • Summer Sale: Brass Monkey often holds a summer sale, where you can find discounted prices on their ice baths. This is an excellent opportunity to purchase an ice bath for a lower price.
  • End of Season Sale: Towards the end of each season, Brass Monkey may have an end-of-season sale to clear out inventory. You can find attractive discounts on ice baths and plunges as they prepare for new arrivals.

Note that these sales seasons are subject to change and may vary depending on the year. So, keep an eye out on their website or sign up for their newsletter to stay updated on the latest sales events.

What does Brass Monkey sell?

Brass Monkey specialises in the sale of premium ice baths and plunges. Their inventory typically includes original and premium ice baths and plunges, which are specifically designed to maintain cold temperatures for optimal therapeutic effects. Brass Monkey also offers related accessories and equipment that complement the use of their ice baths and plunges, such as covers, steps, and maintenance supplies.

Besides voucher codes, what are other ways to save at Brass Monkey?

In addition to voucher codes, there are other ways to save at Brass Monkey. Here are a few:

  • Seasonal Sales and Promotions: Keep an eye out for seasonal sales and promotions that Brass Monkey may offer during specific periods. These sales events often provide discounts, special offers, or bundled deals, allowing you to save on their products.
  • Newsletter Subscription: Sign up for Brass Monkey's newsletter to receive exclusive discounts, promotions, and updates directly in your inbox. This ensures you stay informed about any upcoming sales or limited-time offers.
  • Follow Social Media Channels: Follow Brass Monkey on their social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Companies often share exclusive discounts or flash sales on their social media pages, giving you an opportunity to save on their products.
  • Bundle Deals or Package Offers: Brass Monkey may offer bundle deals or package offers that combine multiple products or accessories at a discounted price. These can be a cost-effective way to purchase complementary items while enjoying savings.

Please note that these discounts or offers may change over time and they may have some terms and conditions applied.

What is one quick tip to save money at Brass Monkey?

One quick tip to save money at Brass Monkey is to sign up for their newsletter. By subscribing to their newsletter, you will receive exclusive discounts, promotions, and updates directly in your inbox. This ensures that you stay informed about any upcoming sales, special offers, or limited-time deals. 

What payment options does Brass Monkey accept?

Brass Monkey accepts the following payment options:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • American Express
  • Maestro
  • PayPal

Please note that the availability of payment options may vary depending on your location and region. So, it's always a good idea to check with Brass Monkey directly to confirm the payment options available in your area.

Does Brass Monkey provide a warranty on their products?

Yes, Brass Monkey provides a 2-year warranty on their products. This warranty ensures that their customers have peace of mind and protection against any potential manufacturing defects or faults in their ice baths and plunges. 

What about the delivery policies of Brass Monkey UK?

Brass Monkey provides convenient delivery options for customers, including in-store and curbside pickup. Customers can arrange these options in advance. Within the UK, kerbside delivery is available for free. For UK Standard Delivery, there is a shipping fee of £450, and for EU Delivery, the fee is £1,250. 

For international orders, there may be additional taxes, duties, and customs inspections. Customers are responsible for adhering to relevant laws and covering any associated costs. Visit here to know more about delivery details.

What else should you know about Brass Monkey?

Brass Monkey also provides a Guide page that offers valuable information and insights related to cold water immersion and the benefits of their ice baths. The Guide page is regularly updated to provide customers with the latest scientific evidence, tips, and techniques for incorporating cold therapy into their wellness routines. It serves as a resource for customers to learn more about the concept of cold water immersion, its potential health advantages, and how to optimise their experience with Brass Monkey ice baths. 

Can new customers save at Brass Monkey?

Yes, new customers can save at Brass Monkey by subscribing to their newsletter. By signing up for the newsletter, new customers can receive exclusive discounts, promotions, and updates on new products and offerings. This allows them to stay informed about the latest deals and opportunities to save money on their purchases at Brass Monkey. 

In addition, new customers can also take advantage of Brass Monkey's seasonal sales. The company offers special promotions and discounts during various seasons throughout the year. These seasonal sales provide opportunities for new customers to save money on their purchases.

Are Brass Monkey prices good?

Brass Monkey prices are higher compared to lower-end alternatives but reflect the premium quality of their products. The prices align with the exceptional craftsmanship, top-notch materials, and innovative design of their ice baths and plunges. These products offer long-term value, durability, and optimal performance, making them a worthwhile investment for individuals prioritising their wellness and recovery.

But, it’s always a good idea to compare prices with other retailers to find the best possible deal.