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What are the most selling Products At ManoMano?

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Before telling you the most selling products at manomano, let us introduce the brand first. ManoMano offers a wide array of DIY, gardening, and home improvement product categories. According to ManoMano, the trending and most-selling categories are:

Bear in mind, these are the main industries listed. There are hundreds of niched products in them. Under these categories, comes pretty much all and everything. But these are top ones you can consider selling in, and make a healthy profit.

Speaking of profit, how much can you really make? What do the actual facts and figures say? Stick around for a while as I reveal everything below.

ManoMano Sales Stats & Business Stability Model

The now leader of the DIY, Garden, and Home Improvement industry, ManoMano has dominated the whole Europe. In a press release, Philippe de Chanville and Christian Raisson, the co-founders say:

“The year 2020 has been marked by a considerable increase in European consumers’ digital expectations for DIY, garden and home products. It is thanks to the commitment and resilience of our teams and our retail partners that we have been able to meet this demand, and we would like to thank them for this.

With over 10 million products, 7 million active customers, and over 50 million unique visitors on the website, the explosion of their business model is guaranteed.

Sellers, although after a strict quality assurance, from anywhere can introduce their products in the marketplace and earn their fair share. However, the “selective” business model makes sure that not everyone can sign up to sell. To ensure quality and consistency, they can be very picky.

UK is the hotspot

From the whole of Europe, the UK is the place where ManoMano earned their most business from. Customer retention was 240+ more, with over 105 million pounds in net revenue in 2020 alone, says the official report. On the UK ManoMano website, 75% sellers are from the UK.

Euromonitor’s 2019 report said that ManoMano is expected to earn over 50 billion pounds in the UK market alone in DIY, gardening, and home improvement space. 50…billion…pounds – that’s huge.

If you’re a wanna-be DIY product seller, or already in the business looking to expand, ManoMano can be profitable. Continuous expansion of their business model is already helping thousands of sellers make a fortune. 2020 doubled their sales. 2021 also was a huge ride where they made considerable investments to offer better products and services, to the merchants and as well as to the customers.

Should you sell on ManoMano?

Until now, it has been a continuous exposure for ManoMano, with great profits for both sellers and themselves. 2022 ahead seems also a non-stop shining metal road for ManoMano to keep taking big leaps.

If you want to become a seller, pick one of the popular product categories on ManoMano, and introduce your best. There’s no application fee – but a subscription of 35 pounds after you get approved for selling.

Good luck.





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