Boden Reviews: Worth Giving a Shot?

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They’re hard to find. I mean the brands we can trust and stay connected to. Spoiler: Boden is from one of those rare brands. Figure out why today.

For a really long time, I have been hearing pals continuously talking, asking, and praising Boden. So, my team and I put on our M16 glasses, (not literally though), and plunged to perform a thorough research.

We are now here with an in depth review of Boden – what it is, what it offers, what you can expect, prices, what actual consumers say, and so many other things. So, without further talking, let’s start with what Boden clothing feels like? What’s the story behind it?

What is Boden Clothing?

Boden was born out of passion. A new instinctive idea rooted at the right time: delivering clothes by mail order in the 90s. Why? Because there was no .com boom yet. The only way for the pals in Britain to dress in class was to shop traditionally.

Fast forward to 2022, Boden now is a popular UK-based retailer offering clothing for men, women, children, and babies. The wears range from casual, to occasion-based, with colorful pattern designs.

What, when, and where can you shop?

Boden is a one-stop spot for all the stylish clothing, shoes, and accessories choices. Men, women, kids, babies, all can buy for their style. Shirts, trousers, shoes, boots, essentials, tops, jewelleries, shorts, dungarees, leggings, and everything in-style you could imagine. Boden’s official UK website displays each category. The new-ins and discounted items are placed in separate categories for anyone interested. It’s like the Amazon of stylish clothes with happiest, prettiest colors.

What’s available right now? Thousands of products. Get offline or online, their vast inventory never runs out of stock.

But they might run out of discounted items. Good news, they might be still running flat 30% off – on all categories. They pretty much do it all the time. Dresses, shirts, jeans, overcoats, Boden’s cashmere, shoes, or even socks – if you’re in for stylish side-kick wear; you can visit Boden UK right now.

Below, to show you what they offer, I will list some of the products I personally loved.

Boden smocked short sleeve blouse

Smocked Short Sleeves Blouse

A beautiful blend of French navy color and opulent garden. A pure 100% cotton, playful semi-fit half-sleeve. Quality so good that you can machine wash it for years.

Linfield Technical Mac Boden

Linfield Technical Mac

A British military-inspired, regiment green classic lightweight mac for men. Waterproof outer layer for long drizzly rides with four pockets to keep your essentials dry. Ideal blend of cotton, polyester, and polyamide, this coat is solid-comfy to wear, wash, and enjoy breathing in.

Boden boys shaggie lined hoodie

Shaggy-Lined Hoodie

For boys, the fluffy-warm comfort against the chilling outside wind is embedded in this starboard blue multi spot hoodie. Cotton and polyester are blended, with sleeve lining inside – outperforms for years many machine-washes. Different colours available.

What about the quality and consistency of the brand?

More than 30 years later, Boden is still alive, still functioning, and still loved. Contrary to the most fast-paced brands today, who are just in for quick-money, Boden is one of the brands who focus more on the happy, consistent, and lively side of the picture. The same great passion still can be seen after so many years. Brands who fail to offer what they vision and promise, don’t last that long. The era where we live in right now, with the crowded marketplaces, brand identities can get lost easily. Countless examples, although won’t take names here, of businesses who appeared in the industry, and slowly faded away because they couldn’t keep their quality, and consistent promises.

But the case seems different with Boden; it’s one of the very few classics of Great Britain that can still be trusted for their vision, promises, and more importantly, consumer-friendly products.

Is Boden reliable: Honest Feedback

After analysing hundreds of consumer reviews, and reports, I concluded that the quality Boden brings in their clothing and accessories can be trusted for sure. I’ll share some real life stories below, the people who gave a shot to Boden, and couldn’t be happier.

But, to draw a clear distinction here, I don’t want to sound completely biased. There were complaints, regarding the sizing and quality mostly. The severity of the issues was normal though; just like you’d expect from other popular retailers. Even with the most successful brands, there are always happy, satisfied customers, as well as annoyed, and unhappy. Let’s hear’em.

What do actual consumers say? Some real life stories

These stories are from TrustPilot*

  • Candy Lover44 says he/she was a huge fan of Boden for years. But for the past couple of seasons, he/she just cannot seem to find the taste for her/him because of choices being only limited to dresses, maxis, and material being mostly synthetic. Rated 1 star.
  • CC, although opens with by mentioning how they are a huge fan, but at the same time he/she was also offended by Boden’s new styles. CC didn’t really like that the staple dresses’ style kept getting shorter and shorter, above the knee. Rated 3 stars.
  • Jayte admires the exceptional personalize help from the customer support. Rated 5 stars.
  • Caroline rated 5 stars because her package was on-time, delivered well-packaged, in a reused box. (Admiring the fact that Boden is a sustainability brand).
  • One customer left a 5 star review without mentioning their name. They were totally impressed with how Boden offered them exchange services for a skirt and dress, with free delivery.

Boden UK discount/Voucher codes 2022

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Final Words

Boden can be trusted for almost all occasions: family gatherings, casual friends meetings, partying outside, graceful office dresses, weddings, nigh outs, baby showers, chilling long rides, and everything in between. For the fans of rich, expressive, happy colors, who want fashion and comfort styled together, whilst enjoying a budget-friendly ride, Boden is a great place to look good and be happy.

I hope this has been helpful.

Visit Boden.


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