How to Start Selling on ManoMano: 2023 Ultimate 5-Step Guide

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If you’re thinking about starting selling on ManoMano, great idea. 2023 is here. Inflation is killing the backs of thousands. Energy prices, petrol prices, rising food costs, and whatnot. It’s so great to turn your DIY passion into something meaningful, by helping people with your creativity, and earning a full time living for yourself.  

My team and I have created this blog post for you. In this blog post, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to start selling on ManoMano, from setting up your seller account to listing your products, managing orders — and some proven strategies to help you sell more fast.

Whether you’re a small business owner looking to execute a new business idea, or an DIY-obsessed individual looking to sell your handmade or unique items, keep on reading. ManoMano offers a great opportunity to reach a massive potential audience, 50 million specifically. 

There’s definitely money to be made. 

Read on to learn more about how to sell on ManoMano and take your first steps towards success on this exciting platform.

What is ManoMano exactly?

ManoMano is an online marketplace that connects DIY and home improvement enthusiasts with suppliers of the products and materials they need to complete their projects.

For instance, if you’re DIYing your garden, you can go to ManoMano, and find tools, accessories, and other related products from individual sellers. 

The same way, if you think you can become a supplier of DIY or home improvement products, you might be interested in selling on ManoMano, as it gets more than 50 million website visitors every month — and amongst them, around 3 million are regular shoppers.

That’s a massive audience to sell and grow your DIY business. 

Most people were sceptical about ManoMano initially, we’ve reviewed ManoMano thoroughly, and discovered that its 100% legit platform for both sellers and buyers.

In this blog post ahead, you’ll get a detailed guide on how to sell on ManoMano, including tips on how to set up your account, create product listings, fulfil orders, and even strategies to become successful. 

So, let’s tap into the steps. 

1. Setting Up Your Account

The first step in selling on ManoMano is to create an account on their website. 

To do this:

  • Go to the ManoMano homepage, scroll to the bottom, and click on the “Become a Sellerlink. This will take you to the registration page where you can create your account. See image below:

How to Start selling on ManoMano

When creating your account, you will be asked to provide some basic information about your business, such as your company name, contact information, and website. You will also be asked to choose a username and password for your account.

Once your account is set up, you will need to provide some additional information about your business, such as your VAT number, bank account details, and shipping policies. This information will be used by ManoMano to process your payments and fulfil orders.

Keep this information in your hand before you start creating your account. 

2. Hunting the Best Selling Product 

If you already have product ideas in mind, great. But if you’re planning on selling on ManoMano in 2023 blindly, stop for a brief moment. 

Due to its popularity, ManoMano is becoming competitive, as 10 million products are already listed on ManoMano. And more and more sellers are striving to join. 

Just like Amazon. 

So, smartly hunting a best-selling product is great for your business. Here’s why:

  • Firstly, it can help you identify products that are in high demand and have a good potential for making sales. By offering these products, you can increase your chances of making sales and earning more money on the platform.
  • Secondly, hunting a best selling product can also help you avoid competition and stand out from other sellers. By offering unique or hard-to-find products, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and attract more customers to your listings.
  • Thirdly, hunting a best selling product can also help you optimise your product listings and make them more visible to potential customers on ManoMano. By using popular keywords and phrases in your product descriptions and titles, you can improve your search engine rankings and increase the chances of customers finding and purchasing your products.

To hunt a best selling product on ManoMano, you can follow these steps:

  1. Research the ManoMano marketplace to see which products are currently in demand and have high sales volumes. You can use the “Popular Categories” page on ManoMano to see which categories and products are doing well. 
  2. You also might have to manually check the reviews, and guess the potential profit of the category you choose. 
  3. Research your competitors to see which products they are offering and at what prices. This will give you an idea of the market conditions and help you determine the right price for your product.
  4. Consider the seasonality of your product. Some products may be more in demand during certain seasons, such as gardening products in the spring or winter products during the winter months. Choose a product that’s not affected by seasons.
  5. Identify any gaps in the market and consider offering products that are not currently available on ManoMano or that have low competition.
  6. Use keyword research tools to identify popular keywords and phrases related to your product. This will help you optimise your product listings and make them more visible to potential customers on the platform. Industry standard tools are Answer the Public, Think with Google, and Similarweb. 

By following these steps, you can hunt a best selling product on ManoMano and increase your chances of making sales on the platform.

3. Creating the Product Listing

After setting up your account, you will need to create product listings for the items you want to sell on ManoMano. 

When creating a product listing, you will need to provide some basic information about the product, such as its name, description, and price. You will also need to upload images of the product, so potential buyers can see what it looks like.

In addition to the basic information, you will need to provide detailed information about the product, including its dimensions, weight, and material. This information will be used by ManoMano to calculate the shipping cost for the product and help potential buyers determine if it is the right product for their needs.

Here’s how you can upload products on ManoMano: 

  1. Once your seller account is set up, click on the “Add a product” button in the “My products” section of your account.
  2. Enter the details of your product, including the product name, description, price, and images.
  3. Select the warehouse where your product is located and the shipping options you offer.
  4. Review and submit your product for approval. The ManoMano team will review your product to ensure it meets their quality standards and policies.
  5. Once your product is approved, it will be added to the ManoMano marketplace and available for customers to purchase. 

Keep in mind that ManoMano is all about quality. They’re very strict about it. That’s why, keep your products high-quality, valuable, along with the best customer support.

4. Fulfilling Customers’ Orders

Once you have created product listings on ManoMano, potential buyers will be able to find and purchase your products through the marketplace. 

When an order is placed, ManoMano will send you an email notification with the details of the order, including the shipping address and the items that were purchased.

To fulfil the order, you will need to pack and ship the items to the customer. ManoMano recommends using a professional shipping service to ensure that the items are delivered safely and on time. 

You can use the shipping information provided in the order notification to generate a shipping label and schedule a pickup.

Once the items have been shipped, you will need to update the order status in your ManoMano account to reflect the current status of the order. This will let the customer know when they can expect to receive their items.

To fulfil orders on ManoMano, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your seller account on ManoMano and go to the “My orders” section.
  2. Review the details of the order, including the customer’s shipping address and the items they have purchased.
  3. If you are using ManoMano’s fulfilment centre, the fulfilment centre will then produce and ship the items to the customer. Easy-peasy.
  4. If you are fulfilling the order yourself, pack the items and prepare them for shipping. Make sure to include any relevant paperwork, such as invoices or packing slips.
  5. Contact the shipping carrier and provide them with the order details and the packaged items. The shipping carrier will then pick up the items and deliver them to the customer.
  6. Once the items have been shipped, mark the order as “shipped” in your seller account on ManoMano. This will update the customer on the status of their order and let them know when to expect their items.
  7. If the customer is not satisfied with their order, respond to their inquiries and concerns in a timely and professional manner. If necessary, process a refund or exchange according to the ManoMano policies and procedures.

By following these steps, you can fulfil orders on ManoMano efficiently and provide excellent customer service to ensure customer satisfaction.

5. Managing Your Accounts and Orders 

ManoMano provides a range of tools and features to help you manage your account and orders. In the “Order Management” section of your account, you can view and manage all of your current and past orders, including the status of each order and the shipping details.

In the “Product Management” section, you can view and edit your product listings, as well as add new products to your catalogue. This section also allows you to manage your inventory, so you can keep track of how many items you have in stock and adjust your listings accordingly.

To manage your account and orders on ManoMano, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your seller account on ManoMano.
  2. To manage your account information, click on the “Account”.
  3. From here, you can edit your personal and business information, including your name, email address, company name, and address.
  4. To manage your orders, click on the “Orders”. 
  5. From here, you can view the details of all your orders, including the customer’s shipping address, the items they have purchased, and the order status (pending, shipped, etc.).
  6. To fulfil an order, click on the order and follow the steps outlined in the previous answer.
  7. To manage your product listings, click on the “My products”. 
  8. From here, you can view the details of your products, including the product name, description, price, and images. You can also edit or delete your products, or add new ones.

And that’s how you can create your ManoMano seller account, manage orders, and grow your business. 

5 Critical Things to Consider Before Starting Selling on ManoMano

BEFORE you think about selling on ManoMano, there are some important things you need to understand. These will help you get accepted fast on ManoMano, and also ensure you stay on good terms with ManoMano. 


  1. Product Quality: Before selling on ManoMano, ensure that your products are of high quality and meet the platform’s quality standards. ManoMano is extremely strict about the quality of the products. Ultimately, this will help YOU ensure customer satisfaction and reduce the chances of negative reviews or returns.
  2. Pricing: Research your competitors’ prices and consider offering competitive prices for your products on ManoMano. This will help attract potential customers MORE, and increase your chances of making sales.
  3. Shipping and Delivery: Consider the cost and speed of shipping and delivery when selling on ManoMano. Offer free shipping, if possible, and make sure to provide accurate delivery times to avoid customer dissatisfaction. You can also use ManoMano’s fulfilment centres to let them package and ship all your products to customers – while you stay worry-free. 
  4. Customer Service: Providing excellent customer service is crucial for successful selling on ManoMano. Besides product quality, ManoMano is also extremely careful about the customers’ experience on their platform. Make sure to respond to customer inquiries quickly and professionally, and address any issues or concerns they may have. If you’re a busy person, you can hire VAs from platforms like Upwork and LinkedIn to manage your ManoMano account.
  5. ManoMano’s Seller Agreement and Policies: Before selling on ManoMano, make sure to carefully read and understand the platform’s seller agreement and policies. This will help ensure that you are in compliance with their rules and regulations, and avoid any potential issues or penalties.

By considering these factors, you can ensure that you are prepared and ready to sell successfully on ManoMano.

7 Practical Tips for Successfully Selling and Growing Your Brand on ManoMano

Here are some practical tips on helping you sell more and grow more: 

  1. Optimise Your Product Listings: As mentioned above, it’s important to include high-quality images and detailed product descriptions in your listings. Engaging images capture attention, leading to more clicks on your listing, and resulting in more sales. Detailed descriptions with proven sales copywriting elements, will also drive more sales. All in all, optimising listings will help potential customers understand what your product is and how it can benefit them.
  2. Offer Competitive Prices: Pricing is always an important factor when it comes to selling online. Make sure to research your competitors’ prices and offer competitive prices for your products. When starting, keep your prices lower, as much as possible — so you can attract customers. When you get enough reviews and sales, you can gradually increase your prices. 
  3. Provide Excellent Customer Service: Customer service is crucial for successful selling on ManoMano. Make sure to respond to customer inquiries quickly and professionally, and address any issues or concerns they may have. 
  4. Offer Free Shipping: Free shipping is a big selling point for online shoppers, so consider offering free shipping for your products on ManoMano. But also calculate your margins, so you don’t go in loss. 
  5. Engage with the ManoMano Community: ManoMano has a large and active community of DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Engage with this community by participating in forums and discussions, and sharing your expertise and knowledge. You can find them on Facebook groups, Reddit groups, and online blogs. 
  6. Regularly Update Your Product Listings: Keep your product listings up-to-date by regularly adding new products and updating existing ones. This will help keep your products relevant and visible to potential customers.
  7. Promote Your Store: You need to actively promote your ManoMano store on social media and your website (if you have). Because, even if ManoMano gets millions of visitors per month, technically, those visitors won’t directly land on your store. You need fresh potential buyers for your store specifically. That’s especially critical in the initial stages — once your brand on ManoMano gets popular, you’ll automatically rank amongst top sellers, and steal more sales. 

By following these tips, you can successfully sell on ManoMano and reach a wider audience of DIY enthusiasts and professionals, and sell more. 

Concluding: Ready to Start Selling on ManoMano?

Selling on ManoMano is a great way to turn your DIY obsession into a business. You’ll reach millions of potential audiences to sell to. 

By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can set up your seller account, list your products, and start managing orders in no time. 

But remember, selling on any platform takes time and effort. It’s important to be patient and persistent, and to continue to improve and refine your sales strategy as you go.

With hard work and dedication, you can succeed on ManoMano, just like other sellers on the platform who once started from zero sales. 

So don’t be afraid to take the first step and start selling on this exciting platform. With the right mindset — and a little bit of luck, I genuinely wish and hope you’ll be well on your way to success. 

Good luck!

FAQs — How to Sell on ManoMano in 2023 

Here are some questions you might have about selling on ManoMano:

Can I Dropship On Manomano? 

Yes, it is possible to dropship on ManoMano. Dropshipping is a business model where the seller does not keep inventory of the products they are selling. Instead, they partner with a supplier who handles the production and fulfilment of the products.

To dropship on ManoMano, you will need to set up a seller account and add your products to the marketplace. When a customer places an order for one of your products, you will forward the order details to your supplier, who will then produce and ship the product directly to the customer.

ManoMano does not have specific policies or restrictions on dropshipping, so it is possible to do it on the platform. However, it’s important to carefully research and choose a reliable supplier to avoid any potential issues with fulfilment or customer satisfaction.

Better, ask directly from their customer support

What is ManoMano Selling Fee?

Creating a seller account is free. Listing your products is also free. After that, you’ll be charged 35 pounds monthly as a seller, according to some sources on the web. ManoMano also charges a commission per sale, which is anywhere between 10%-20%. It’s best to negotiate the terms individually with ManoMano — as different products’ categories can have different commission rates. 

Is ManoMano Legit? 

Yes, ManoMano is a legitimate online marketplace for home improvement and gardening products. It was founded in 2013 in France and has since expanded to several other European countries. ManoMano has over 10 million products available and 2.5 million monthly active buyers, making it a popular platform in the DIY market. 

ManoMano is a legitimate site and has a good reputation among its users. The platform has a dedicated team that reviews and approves products before they are made available for sale, ensuring that only high-quality products are available on the marketplace.

In addition, ManoMano has a seller agreement and policies in place to protect both sellers and customers. This includes a customer satisfaction guarantee and a refund policy, as well as rules and regulations for sellers to follow.

Overall, ManoMano is a legitimate and reputable platform for selling home improvement and gardening products.

How to Contact ManoMano for Selling Online? 

To contact ManoMano for selling online, follow these steps:

  • Go to the ManoMano website and click on the “Become a Seller” link, at the bottom of the home page. 
  • On the next page, click on the “Selling on ManoMano” button.
  • Fill out the form with your personal and business information, including your name, email address, and company name.

You can also contact the ManoMano team for any questions or support through the “Contact us” link on their website.

What is the Profit Margin for Selling on ManoMano? 

The profit margin for selling on ManoMano will vary depending on several factors, such as the price of your products, the cost of production and fulfilment, and the fees charged by ManoMano.

ManoMano charges a selling fee per sale, and also has a per month subscription cost for sellers. In addition, payment gateway fees may also apply, depending on the payment method you use.

To calculate your profit margin accurately, you will need to consider all of these factors and factor them into your pricing strategy. 

How Much Money Sellers are Making on ManoMano? 

It’s difficult to say exactly how much money sellers are making on ManoMano, as it will vary depending on factors such as the price of their products, the number of sales, and the fees charged by ManoMano.

The average seller on their platform makes around €500 per month. However, some sellers may make more or less, depending on their product offerings and sales performance.

To maximise your earnings on ManoMano, it’s important to offer high-quality products at competitive prices, and provide excellent customer service. 

By doing these things, you can increase your chances of making sales and earning more money on the platform.

Can I Integrate A Third Party Platform To Sell On Manomano?

Yes, you can integrate a third-party platform to sell on ManoMano. 

By integrating your third-party platform with ManoMano, you can automate the process of adding and managing your products on the marketplace. This can save you time and effort, and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Is It Easy To Sell On Manomano Marketplace?

Yes, it is easy to sell on the ManoMano marketplace. The platform offers a simple and user-friendly process for setting up a seller account and adding your products to the marketplace.

Once your seller account is set up, you can start adding your products to the ManoMano marketplace. The process for adding products is straightforward and user-friendly, and the ManoMano team is available to provide support and assistance, if needed.

Is Manomano Like Ebay?

ManoMano is similar to eBay in that it is an online marketplace where sellers can list and sell products to customers. However, there are some key differences between the two platforms.

One of the main differences between ManoMano and eBay is the focus of their respective marketplaces. ManoMano is specifically geared towards home improvement and gardening products, while eBay offers a wide range of products in various categories.

Another difference is the seller fees and policies. 

Overall, while ManoMano and eBay are both online marketplaces, they have different focuses and fee structures, and may be more or less suitable for different types of sellers and products.

Where Does Manomano Ship From?

ManoMano is based in France and ships from its warehouses in Paris, Nantes, and Berlin. The products available on the ManoMano marketplace are sourced from various manufacturers and suppliers across Europe, and are shipped to customers from these warehouses.

As a seller on ManoMano, you will need to specify the warehouse(s) where your products are located and can be shipped from. This will determine where your products will be shipped to customers, and the estimated delivery times.

What Are Manomano Contact Addresses?

ManoMano has several contact addresses, depending on the country and location of the customer or seller. The main contact address for ManoMano is:

  • ManoMano, 26-30 Quai de Dion Bouton, 92800 Puteaux, France

ManoMano also has offices and warehouses in other countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain. The contact addresses for these locations are as follows:

  • United Kingdom: ManoMano UK, 5th Floor, 5 New Street Square, London EC4A 3TW, United Kingdom
  • Germany: ManoMano GmbH, Friesenstraße 11, 10117 Berlin, Germany
  • Spain: ManoMano, Paseo de la Castellana, 141, 28046 Madrid, Spain

You can contact ManoMano by sending an email to or by using the “Contact us” form on their website. You can also call their customer service hotline at +33 (0)1 82 88 00 90 (France) or +44 (0)20 3868 9759 (United Kingdom).

What is ManoMano Pro? 

ManoMano Pro is a program offered by ManoMano for professional sellers on their platform. The program offers a range of benefits and services for professional sellers, including dedicated account managers, marketing support, and advanced seller tools.

Once accepted into the program, sellers can access a range of benefits, such as access to 1M+ products from big brands at discounted prices, special expert support team, fast 24H delivery, a special app for order tracking, and more.  

Overall, the ManoMano Pro program is designed to support professional sellers on the platform and help them grow their business on ManoMano.

Why Should I Start Selling on ManoMano?

There are several reasons why you might want to consider selling on ManoMano. 

First, ManoMano is a popular online marketplace for home improvement and DIY products, which means that it can provide you with access to a large and diverse audience of potential buyers. This can help to increase your visibility and reach, and potentially drive more sales for your business.

Second, ManoMano offers a range of tools and services to help you manage your sales and grow your business. For example, they provide a user-friendly platform for listing and managing your products, as well as support and resources to help you optimise your listings and improve your performance.

Third, selling on ManoMano can be a relatively low-risk and low-cost way to test the waters and see if your products are a good fit for the platform. This can help you to evaluate the potential of the platform and determine whether it’s worth investing more time and effort into growing your sales on ManoMano. If your seller account grows there, you can then create a whole brand, including your website, socials, and more. 

Overall, selling on ManoMano can be a great way to reach a new audience, grow your business, and potentially increase your sales. So if you’re interested in exploring this opportunity, it’s worth considering giving it a try.

If you’ve more questions, feel free to comment below. I’ll be happy to assist. 






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